Medication time … Medication time …

I went to the psyche dr. today:
psych dr: how is your depression?

me: my depression is the same. It’s anxiety I am experiencing. As we talked about before, I am waiting to see an endocrinologist. I think my thyroid is off and my hormones are making me crazy.
psych dr: are you still taking the clonazepam?  images (13)
me: yes. I take it in the mornings when I wake up with anxiety.
psych dr: maybe you should take it before bed.
me: are you aware that a minority of people are being misdiagnosed as mentally ill and medicated, when it’s a thyroid problem/imbalance?
psych dr: <looks stunned>   images (7)
psych dr: <stands, hands me a script, directs me to the door> I’ll see you in a month.
I think I was there for a total of 7 minutes.
I guess all is well as long as I am drugged and calm.
images (12)

One thought on “Medication time … Medication time …

  1. opalmuse February 1, 2015 / 11:40 am

    sounds like you need a new psychiatrist.


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