Adrenal Fatigue & the Adrenal Body Type – Video

images (50)This is a 20 minute video about adrenal function and the ways it which it can go wrong.  I am posting the video because Dr. Berg provides insight into many of my separate symptoms and brings them together discussing adrenal fatigue.

(The last two minutes of the video are an advertisement for a stress release device. I do not endorse this devise and know nothing about how it works but it looks interesting.)

Signs and symptoms (see Addison’s post a few days ago) Continue reading


trip to the ER for several more weeks

images (9)So I ended up in the ER after all of my efforts to try to avoid it.  I woke at 6am with severe pain in my stomach, my chest where the ribs meet, and under the right rib.  I had nausea, back pain, difficulty taking a deep breath.  I waited for it to subside, and waited, and waited for a few more hours.  I had this pain before and it stopped. Continue reading

Proactive check ups

images dddI seen my endocrinologist this week and several other doctors as well, including a neurologist and sleep specialist for my youngest daughter (hit by a car.)  My oldest daughter has been ferrying us around to our various appointments. Kids come in handy sometimes.  🙂 Continue reading

another day, another day

images wwI tried acupuncture the other day. I went to an alternative therapy place in the city; this was not a fancy spa, but a small clinic run by a pleasant soft-toned young man.  The clinic charges were nominal and voluntary between $15-$40.

The small back room had dimmed lighting, meditation music and several lounging chairs with pillows and soft white blankets. When I came, there were two people already ensconced in their cocoons.

The acupuncturist took my history, listed my complaints (mainly nausea and anxiety), and did a cursory exam of my arms and legs feeling for various tender points. The most tender was the inner left knee area, not sure what that means?  He inserted approximately 5-10 needles in each arm and each leg including hands and feet; added a few on the top of my head and one in my left collar bone.  There was an small initial prick and then no pain from the needles.  Then he wrapped me up snug as a bug in a rug and told me to relax or take a nap for about an hour.

images vWhen he returned I was surprised that the time had passed so quickly but I was relaxed and felt good.  The room had filled quietly with people.

I am not sure how beneficial the afternoon treatment was as I started that particular day feeling well and almost normal after many weeks of bed rest and weakness.  Overall it was a pleasant experience and I would try it again.  Although as soon as I get my strength back I am going to schedule a massage – my favorite therapy. 🙂