Adrenal Fatigue & the Adrenal Body Type – Video

images (50)This is a 20 minute video about adrenal function and the ways it which it can go wrong.  I am posting the video because Dr. Berg provides insight into many of my separate symptoms and brings them together discussing adrenal fatigue.

(The last two minutes of the video are an advertisement for a stress release device. I do not endorse this devise and know nothing about how it works but it looks interesting.)

Signs and symptoms (see Addison’s post a few days ago)

-Stress accumulation – low tolerance to any stress – emotional loss (death in family), physical, mental stresses

-Belly fat accumulation, cortisol, storing energy and then rapid weight loss with crisis

-Excessive fatigue

-Low cognitive function and loss of memory, OCD-like symptoms (over thinking and uncontrolled) always on and worrying

-Easily annoyed, impatience with others

-Sleep disruption – circadian rhythm disruption – middle of the night waking

-Salt cravings

-Lower back pain

-Lose acidity – lose potassium – crave lemons?! or apple cider vinegar

-Thigh muscle atrophy – weak thighs – breathless walking stairs

-Restless legs

-High inflammation – chronic pain

-Heart works harder causing shoulder and neck tension/pain

-Fluid retention in ankles/feet

-Low blood pressure

-High cholesterol


Symptoms are often treated separately by several doctors until crises!  Avoid intense exercise.

Dr. Berg explains Adrenal Fatigue & the Adrenal Body Type – You Tube

Adrenal Fatigue seems to be a hot topic on the health support sites. This can be a serious potentially life-threatening illness that requires professional guidance - please consult an endocrinologist - do not try to self-medicate or buy remedies, herbs, supplements, etc. over the internet!

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