trip to the ER for several more weeks

images (9)So I ended up in the ER after all of my efforts to try to avoid it.  I woke at 6am with severe pain in my stomach, my chest where the ribs meet, and under the right rib.  I had nausea, back pain, difficulty taking a deep breath.  I waited for it to subside, and waited, and waited for a few more hours.  I had this pain before and it stopped.

1I called hubby at work and told him I was going to call my doctor; the nurse said to go to the ER.  So I went.  Because there was chest and back pain they insisted on heart tests, EKG, x-ray, blood tests for the heart, etc. So I had the whole heart work up, even though I told them it was not my heart and they agreed it most likely was not my heart.

' I know that?'They gave me an I.V. and I sat through seven hours of waiting for blood tests for my heart that I did not need.  The pain subsided about an hour after we got there. I received no gallbladder tests. I asked I if would see a gastroenterologist soon and they said no, I would only see one if I were admitted and needed surgery.  WTF are hospital emergency rooms for?  We all agreed on the problem, yet I did not see who I needed to see.

ffOn the pain scale I would say it was a seven.  I asked what I should do when the pain strikes again before I can see the gastroenterologist in several more weeks?  They said, not to bother coming back to the ER. Deal with the pain.  Seriously. Several more weeks!

It is not a matter of insurance, we have good health insurance. I am tired of the round-about; two of my doctors have told me to go to the psyche docs, my psyche docs are wondering WTF my doctors are doing, and the ER my very last resort, is useless even though the ER doctor looked at my records, remarked on my complicated case and asked what my primary doctor was doing for me. Nothing. images bb


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