download 44I have been writing a bit less because I am feeling better.  I actually feel normal again, whatever that is, and I can walk up stairs without being out of breath!  It is the simple things in life that make one happy.  I have a few lingering problems like insomnia and low blood pressure when standing up, but otherwise I am okay.

images hhhhHaving the right physician makes all the difference.  He really listened and considered all the data even though my test results kept showing “Normal.”  I am also glad I was persistent and advocated for myself. I will soon have a whole new group of doctors interconnected and communicating with each other, in one practice – which is helpful in complicated cases.  My husband is also switching over to them. 

I have a fluid diagnosis so far, meaning it is subject to change – adrenal insufficiency (primary?) and severe vitamin D deficiency.  There is plenty of new data about vitamin D in theimages lazyliterature, especially regarding mental health and well being. However there are many online adrenal resources that are bogus and simply trying to sell you a treatment. Be careful!

National Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases
Information Service (NEMDIS)

Adrenal Fatigue: Is It Real?

Low vitamin D levels, depression linked in young women, new study shows

Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency Most People Miss

Vitamin D Deficiency in Adults: When to Test and How to Treat


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